The Creative Minds Initiative was founded in May 2019, though it began as a dream in 2015. The idea was to be able to offer a quality summer camp experience to low-income families. This has always been the goal, and we are here to take it a step further.

Our mission is to awaken the creative spark in every child enrolled in our program by provoking independent thinking and inspiring creative expression. 

Our curriculum is designed to shift the model of teaching. We aim to bring joy back into the summer experience for the campers, counselors, and families alike. 

Recreational activities do not begin and end in the gym.

About the Founder

Shaterika Flournoy is a General Business major due to graduate in December 2020. Her talents and years of experience in childcare are what contributed to bringing Creative Minds to life. All of her talents were self-taught, but she expressed never having an outlet to develop her skills, so she struggled to try to find an area of study in school. She chose business because it allows her to set her own stage and create opportunities for the younger generation to create their own path and follow their dreams. Her desire is to provide a prestigious educational experience to low-income families, to improve their chances of creating a better life for themselves in the future. 

Meet Our Board Members

Shaterika Flournoy

T.J. Miner

Alexandria Carr

Jenny Sherman Richards

Debra Brooks

"We believe that kids can be anything they want to be ."

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Connect with us

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