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This is more than a program, just as art is more than color and paint. This is a shift in teaching, brain development, character/leadership building, and other important parts of shaping the coming generations.
Creative Minds is meant to awaken the creative geniuses in children. We encourage them to follow their dreams by finding innovative ways to teach.
"Before a child learns to speak, they sing. Before a child learns to walk, they dance. Before a child learns to write, they draw and color."  -Phylicia Rashad
Using project-based learning styles, our own curriculum, and creating a fun learning environment for both teacher and student, we believe that just as the teachers enjoy teaching the subjects, the students will enjoy learning the material. Hands-on learning makes learning exciting in every aspect and introducing them to the different cultures of art is a vital part of developing them creatively.
With this summer camp we can help you, the parent or guardian, set a focus on what your child may want to explore in life whether starting a business, becoming an artist or chef or scientist, learning a trade, etc. In order to get to that point, your child has to explore his/her options. That's where we come in.
 We will be hosting a summer program specializing in culinary, visual arts, music, and science experiments. Our curriculum is solely based on exploring possibilities and enhancing the learning experience.  Each class we will be doing hands-on activities exploring different areas of art from around the world while doing core course learning. We don't want to limit their abilities to what's common, we want to help them step out of the box.
Gardening Tools
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"We believe that kids can be anything they want to be ."

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